The Home Design Coach

Updated: 2020 November 23

 Status : LIVE

Learn to transform your life

with interior design

The Home Design Coach

Everyone knows the feeling you get from being in a welcoming space. But not everyone knows how to make a space welcoming

The Home Design Coach is a step-by-step course, at your own pace that teaches you how to create the kind of interior you’ve always wanted

Interior design expert Tara Barot will share her passion for creating a space that feels like you, reflecting who you are and your evolving needs

Here is a brilliant (and free) 3 parts mini email series created just for you.

You’ll get clarity, find time and motivation to take action.

You don’t need to be a professional to make your living space feel like a your home.

You are the only one who knows your routines and habits.

The Home Design Coach is your online how to guide.

Pay once for a lifetime access to 

The Home Design Coach 

It includes:

  • An online course for transforming your home
  • the freedom to take the course at your own pace
  • the ability revisit the content whenever needed when you change habits
  • Updates included
  • Access to a community of fellow interior design enthusiasts

The result :

a home that…


You want & love

The Home Design Coach - Learn to transform your life with interior design with Tara Barot

Hi there

Tara here, I’m an entrepreneur and a passionate actor. I’ve always found it hard to fit in one place.

At school I described myself as a sporty geek. Heck! I put this website together by myself and I swim twice a week in a squad, this still stand true.

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