I’m here to support you to in creating the life you want for yourself

clarity session

one-on-one transitional coaching

speaking at your event

Welcome to the new normal

Tired of living by society’s norms, while thinking there must be another way?

I see you

I’m here to remind you what you already know deep inside.

YES, it’s possible to be yourself, live a life where income flows and you have time for yourself and your loved ones.

After detaching myself from what I thought was expected of me, and working on what I wanted for myself since 2017, I know that 

some areas i'm here to playfully explore with you

life transition

curating your life

habits change

I'm here to hold space for you to

“to hold space” : to be physically, mentally and emotionally present for someone. It means to put your focus on someone to support them as they feel their feelings.


what you’d like to be working on, what’s holding you back, and what are you pulled towards to create.


what’s behind the emotions, feelings and limiting beliefs that are coming up.


to guide you towards the next stepping stone in your life while being supported.

Tara Barot - Bali, Jatiluwih rice fields - photo by Kevin Mirc




Requirements – homework before the session, I send you the PDF.

During this online session, we refine the vision you want to achieve for yourself, go through the blocks that will come up, and I guide you to discover the next steps for you to take in the comfort of your home by video calls. 

The duration of the container will change according to your needs.

This is a deep dive into creating the change you’ve been thinking of and designing the life of your dreams.

I’m here to guide you through the process, working through the multiple blocks, doubts and fears that will come up and how to keep going despite them. 

Bring awareness to the patterns that are holding you back. To build empowering stories that will support you long term.

All while giving you the tools to recognise the triggers that are coming up for you to learn from them and shift them so that they no longer stop you.

We’ll then progress through the actions you have decided you’ll be taking. I’ll be there as a guide for support during that time to remind you what you’re capable of doing.

Sounds like something you want? Book your 90 MINS Clarity Sessions and let’s get going.

A brand with a purpose, to give back to nature and wildlife – By reconnecting to nature, I’ve reconnected with myself. 10% of all sales will be given to an organisation that work with conservation.

Client love

I’m very thankful for the workshop you gave, because it was very motivating! I realized that even if my worst case fears came true, it wouldn’t be the end of life & the way to reach that goal already is making me happy! Which means I’m already on the bright side of life!!!
So you made me start dealing with my fears & look for solutions too 💛💛💛🙏
Thank you for that 🤗
nurse and amateur dancer
You really are a life coach!
You've made me do two things I'd forgotten to do
- create
- and meet people
Founder & Creative director at MOTIV
Tara Barot life coach- 30 sec picth for making change happen - at Creative Morning Hong Kong
life transition workshop held by Tara Barot at Garage Society in Hong Kong
Tara Barot - public speaking at Asia World Expo event in Hong Kong
Tara Barot - 30 sec picth for making change happen - at Creative Morning Hong Kong
mindset shift workshop - I cant to I can - lead by life coach Tara Barot at 13 Cielos CoWork in Mexico

Public speaking

I love speaking to a live audience. I am grateful to have presented at many private and public events.

Some of the topics I love to present and coach on:

◈ mindset shifts - going from I can't to I can
◈ Setting goals with inner motivation
◈ creating behaviour change

If you’re interested in booking me at your event please use the contact form.

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