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2019, Dec 05th

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My Business Journey

The podcasts that feed my soul

I listen to these as the episodes come out.
On a walk, taking the bus or train.

One of the two podcast that started my transformation Journey. Recommended to me when I sought guidance and I am forever grateful. Amy Jo Martin goes through her guest’s Why not now moments in details, step by step

One of the two podcast that started my transformation Journey. Recommended to me when I sought guidance and I am forever grateful. Tim Ferriss asks questions to figure out the habits that made his guest successful in their field.

Because financial education is important. And I am interested in homes. This is my learning journey. UK based.

How to scale a business. I take one things away and use it. Learning from other industries then my own helped me to come up with a unique solution to my life design.

This podcast varies from topics. From business to personal development. His first few on business helped me loads. His talk with Michael Phelps is amazing!

Jenna Kutcher has great free advice on marketing and running a business. She is honest and talks on topics that can be avoided, but not there. Her guest are varied, and I learn from diverse industries and apply tips to my business and/or life. 

This one I discovered when I joined a mastermind all the way in the US. Ksenia is full of energy and I am grateful to have met her. Her podcast talks about expanded consciousness and entrepreneurship in the digital age (her words).

I found Amy Porterfield through Jenna Kutcher’s podcast. I am new to the marketing world. When I discovered it I liked it. And wanted to learn more about it. Then came the podcasts.

Forever curious, and I work daily on learning new things. This covers the art part. Natalia Mota interviews Hong Kong based artists. Together they go through the story behind the art. Each artwork is subjective. The story is sometimes left behind. She wants to bring awareness to it.

I started listening to this one while I was doing the Knowledge Business Blueprint course that Dean Graziosi created with Tony Robbins. This podcast has short 10 mins episodes with habits that will make you your best version. 


Swim slow to go fast

Strong & Steady

This is what I tell myself every time I train

Tara Barot Embrace Who You Are


Feeding my curiosity
If you are not growing you are dying

Why spend years of learning on your own, when you can pay to learn from others in a heart beat. You want a short cut, Here it is. Pay for knowledge.

DISCLAIMER - if you don't take action nothing will happen!

Taking Action

I have some programs which I will revisit time to time. My school at the moment is taking one action after the next. Creating momentum. And here we go!

Am I scared?

Yes, only when I focus on the big goal. My solution, focusing on the next action to take. It's small and achievable. One action after another, and keep moving.


"Being talented means nothing if you don't use that to serve the world you live in" Suzy Batiz
Sharing is Caring

Tara is a kind of little conscience, to talk to her helps me express certain aspects, to understand my emotions better, my reactive instincts, my habits and myself.

She taught me the value of being present, the importance of the little things we don't pay attention to but that matter.

She helps me to bring out my real wants, what I truly aspire to in life. And what can make me happy daily to attain pure bliss.
Translated from French

WHY coach?

I want you to know what I have learned. Between my life experiences and the constant reading, listening and growing. I want you to feel energetic, and ready to tackle what may come your way.

How do I do it?

I listen to you and guide you through exercise for you to come up with your own answers. I can't tell you want to do. I have suggestions. It's up to you to decide and take action.

What do you get?

Guidance & accountability to grow within a year. One on one calls per months with me. Exercises and catch up message throughout the month.

There is 1 spot available

Send an email to: hello@tarabarot.com for enquiry

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