Tara Barot Embracing Who You Are

This is a space for you to know what I am up to today.

I am many things, and I’ve struggled a long time embracing it all. Now I choose to live wholeheartedly.

Latest Update:

2020, Nov 23


Current location:

Hong Kong



Tara Barot - sailor, voiles de St Tropez 2020, Kallima Swan 82 sailing crew

There’s something about being on a sailing yacht that’s freeing. You move with nature, wind, tides and current. It’s powerful and humbling at the same time.

I’m choosing to live close to the water as it’s a feel good space. Plus being on sailing boat is a pleasure. I keep grinning when we get going. From the start of regattas, to surfing the waves. It’s a magical feeling.

Transforming your life with interior design

Everyone knows the feeling you get from being in a welcoming space. But not everyone knows how to make a space welcoming

The Home Design Coach is a four-weekstep-by-step course that teaches you how to create the kind of interior you’ve always wanted

Interior design expert Tara Barot will share her passion for creating a space that feels like you, reflecting who you are and your evolving needs



Strong & Steady

The motto I use when I swim and in my life too.

I swim 3 times a week for 1 to 1.5 hours. During that time I swim between 2.5km to 3km and sometimes more. I feel like a fish in the water, it’s a happy place of mine.

Tara Barot Embrace Who You Are


Feeding my curiosity
If you are not growing you are dying

Why spend years of learning on your own, when you can pay to learn from others in a heart beat. You want a short cut, Here it is. Pay for knowledge.

DISCLAIMER - if you don't take action nothing will happen!

Taking Action

I have some programs which I will revisit time to time. My school at the moment is taking one action after the next. Creating momentum. And here we go!

Am I scared?

Yes, only when I focus on the big goal. My solution, focusing on the next action to take. It's small and achievable. One action after another, and keep moving.

How Do I Learn?

- podcast - I listen to 20+ hours of podcast weekly from a range of experts.
- reading - from film making, to self help, to business.
- I offer my help on projects where I want to learn - Over the years i've accumulated many skills. And I enjoy giving my time, skills and knowledge to those who want to.
- I ask questions - There is no such thing as a stupid question.



A long time Passion

It's a way that I embrace my whole self. When I perform, I am me. No societies norms, I get to use all parts of myself to create someone new. No judgement.

For a long time I tried pleasing others first. And I always felt like there was something missing inside of me. Until I pursued acting again.


I'm a founding member of Rooftop Improv in Hong Kong. We hold weekly free jams for those how want to have fun with improv and use their skills. And we perform monthly in Hong Kong with other troupes.

Film Producing

Film is a way to share a message. I find myself today in a place where I want to share my experience for others to takeaway something from it. The same way I took from others experiences, learned and applied to my life.


"Being talented means nothing
if you don't use that to serve the world you live in"
Suzy Batiz

Tara is a kind of little conscience, to talk to her helps me express certain aspects, to understand my emotions better, my reactive instincts, my habits and myself.

She taught me the value of being present, the importance of the little things we don't pay attention to but that matter.

She helps me to bring out my real wants, what I truly aspire to in life. And what can make me happy daily to attain pure bliss.
Translated from French

WHY coach?

I want you to know what I have learned. Between my life experiences and the constant reading, listening and growing. I want you to feel energetic, and ready to tackle what may come your way.

How do I do it?

I listen to you and guide you through exercise for you to come up with your own answers. I can't tell you want to do. I have suggestions. It's up to you to decide and take action.

What do you get?

Guidance & accountability to grow within a year. One on one calls per months with me. Exercises and catch up message throughout the month.

There is 1 spot available

Send an email to: hello@tarabarot.com for enquiry