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You know that idea you’ve had in your mind for years!

YES that one!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you actually got started on it? Made progress and started creating an income or second income for yourself?

Are you ready to remove all the obstacles in your way and take action now?

MDW group coaching is for you

Sign up before 21st Feb 2024 for USD 100

MDW Group Coaching - with coach Tara Barot and strategy from Million Dollar Weekend by Noah Kagan web image

Tell me more about

MDW group Coaching

At the end of the 3 months you’ll feel peaceful internally and you’ll have started that project you’ve been thinking about doing.

You’ll have:

✨greater clarity for what you want and how to get it.

taken action on that project / business idea

✨gained confidence

✨a community of people supporting you

✨the tools to reuse over and over if ever overwhelm comes back

removed blocks that have been holding you back

Client Results

Tara started coaching me a year ago when I came to her to help me build my confidence as a coach. Before working with her, I tried to do it on my own but I kept getting stuck.
Tara has a gift for seeing my blindspots and offering me new perspectives that empower me to change old patterns. I now feel SO much more confident in who I am as a coach.
Thank you, Tara!
Wealth empowerment coach

Payment options:

Pay in Full USD 888

before 21st Feb 2024 – USD 988 after

receive 1 complimentary 1:1 coaching session with me

Payment Plan USD 388

3 x USD 388

total USD 1,164

this is for you if you’re ready to ...

✔️ step out of your comfort zone

✔️ take action

✔️ stop making excuses for yourself

✔️  acknowledge that NOW is the time to start

✔️ try, fail and try again

✔️ be supported while you start this new venture

✔️ invest in yourself because you are worth it

this is NOT for you if you ...

 keep saying and thinking that others are stopping you

  think it’s not the right time

  are only interested in a quick win / fast money

❌ are not ready to own up that you’ve been limiting myself

Why Do I Want the group coaching?

coach Tara Barot and strategy from Million Dollar Weekend by Noah Kagan leading MDW Group Coaching

Great question! and notice the word WANT not NEED 😉

The book is incredible, having read it myself, I was energised and started to take action right there. I’ve also been coached weekly for 1 year and now I keep getting coaching once to twice pet month. And I used coaching tools in between too. This is to check the limiting stories that keep coming up.

Yup the self doubts don’t stop! You get better at noticing them, the resistance aka: procrastination, falling ill, fear.

During the coaching session I’ll guide you through exercises to notice why the obstacles are coming up, and you’ll create a new reaction for when they come up. This will do 2 things:

1- You’ll learn to be more self aware, and be able to reuse this in all aspects of your life.

2- Together we work at the root to remove the resistance, which means the actions that felt super scary, will only feel a little scary, and it’ll be easier to take action.

What you’re getting:

12 weeks group coaching program From March 4th to May 25th 2024

12 x 1 hour VIRTUAL live
weekly calls


strategy from the book

group coaching 



access to like minded people who support one another.

You’ll be paired with an accountability partner, and we’re going to make accountability fun!


Pay in full before Wed 21st Feb 2024 6pm CEST (France) and receive a complimentary 1:1 coaching session with me to work in depth.

No sweat if you can’t join the live, you can submit your questions ahead of the live call and you’ll receive access to all the replays.

Client Results

Before I started working with Tara, let's just say my life felt like a puzzle missing some vital pieces. I was all over the place—lacking organisation, awareness, and any real solid tools to tackle life's challenges. I felt in attempting to solve these issues on my own was overwhelming. It seemed like I was stuck in a cycle of trying different approaches without making any real progress.

Honestly, I had some doubts before jumping into coaching. But Tara, she's like that friend who magically makes everything feel safe.

What I loved about Tara's coaching: she was handing me a personalised toolkit for my life mess, which became my secret weapon against mental blocks. Suddenly, I had this clarity and purpose I was missing before.

Working with Tara gave me intangible wins—better self-awareness, better organisational skills, and a confidence boost I desperately needed. If my best friend needed a life upgrade, I'd tell them to hit up Tara. She's not just a coach, she's a life magician with a personal touch.
Marketing & modeling


We’ll be in action throughout – NOW not how 😉

week 1-4 : working through the strategy of “Million Dollar Weekend” + coaching to define your values, clearly define what you want and start removing blocks that are coming up.

week 5-8 : with you and the group, I’ll guide you where you need it most at the time, while moving forward with the strategy of the book.

week 9-12 : continuing with the action, strengthening your confidence, celebrating you progress and planning for what’s next after the group for you to keep your momentum.

MDW group coaching

Payment options

Client Results

Tara has a depth of curiosity that I haven't found in other coaches. She has been coaching me around making a transition in my career.

Since I have been working with her, I have made several big leaps in my career - leaps that I was afraid to make before working with her. She helped me examine my blocks and release them in a compassionate way.

I finally feel unstuck in areas that I've been stuck in for years.

I highly recommend Tara as a coach if you are feeling stuck or need help with taking big leaps in your life.
previously philanthropy executive

Timing : March 4th to May 31st 2024

Weekly group calls 1.5hrs – every Thursday 2:30pm GMT+1 Paris includes coaching + Q&A

Group chat – platform TBD


Pattern accountability – you’ll be paired up with another peer for extra support

Throughout the program you’ll be in action from the tactical strategy in the million dollar weekend book by Noah Kagan

Week 1 to 4 – identify values, define what you want to create + remove blocks

Week 5 to 8 – I’ll be tailoring to the group needs with what comes up.

Week 9 to 12identify possible blocks that could stop your expansion for the future. And re-assimilate the tools for you to keep using on your own.


Tara Barot - entrepreneur, digital nomad, life coach, speaker, podcast host, curate your life

Payment options for MDW GROUP COACHING

Pay in Full USD 888

before 21st Feb 2024 – USD 988 after

receive 1 complimentary 1:1 coaching session with me

Payment Plan USD 388

3 x USD 388

total USD 1,164

Hi there, you have questions for me? send me an email with the title ” MDW ” at and add your question, I’ll get back to you with an answer 😉

Cheers Tara

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