my sailing journey – and life by the water

July 2020, after a weekend spending all the 2 days by the water, I feel energised. In a way I had not feel in a while.

From there I ask myself. How can I close to the water as often as possible.

Option 1 – hire a boat, this cost money and it’s not a long term solution

Option 2 – work on a boat, a sailing yacht, as the aim is to be close to the water. I want to be outside.

And here the journey started. and it’s kept going.

I’ve grown up around boats, it’s an environment that’s i’m comfortable with. The sailing yachts are a tool for creating a life I feel great it. They allow me to be close to the water an environment that makes me feel great.

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I made a conscious shift of environment, and here I share my journey.