my financial education started in my late 20s.

Today I am creating the lifestyle that I want. Part of this lifestyle is to make money work for me instead of only working for money.

Flashback – I grew up in an environment where we didn’t talk about it. It was a taboo topic. Move forward to university where I start handling my finances. And when I had to talk about it, I would get angry, annoyed, and walk away from the conversation.

Here I am now, having learned all of this and I must share it. You use money daily, we all do. Why are you learning this at school or home? That’s another thing. What you can do right now, is educate yourself.

Not sure where to start? Follow others that are sharing. Ask questions, talk openly about it. And share what you learn and use.

Remember knowledge is only potential power. You need to take action to make knowledge powerful. And wow! can it be.

Here is my journey, what I learn and use. May it help you in yours.