My business, my brand and me really

“You don’t brand yourself, you are yourself”

by Amy Jo Martin

I work on my website / blog, social media presence, and marketing. All aspect of the business. Developing it, growing it and finding news things to add or pivot to.

Over the years I’ve listened, read and watched loads of content to get me to where I am today. I share in my day to day life in mastermind group I’m part of. In small business meets I’ve put together with friends to support one another. And sometimes in daily conversation with people I met, when I notice there’s an interest.

Here is the place where I share it online too. For you.

How to use the information?

Read it, think about it, try it. See how it works. and then decide to keep it or lose it.

There isn’t one way for everybody. Figure out how you work best and what way you work best.