Tara Barot & Acting

a passion

When you find something that makes you feel amazing, go after it.

Tara Barot - actor / actress - Hong Kong , improvisor, theatre, film - photo by Ines Laimins

Why do I act?

When I act, I get to be me. All of me. No society norms and no judgment.

This is liberating.

And the more I embrace who I am, the more I'm energised.


Living in the present moment

Rooftop improv

- no filter, say the first thing that comes to mind or you'll be stuck
- laughter
- community
For a long time I tried pleasing others first. And I always felt like there was something missing inside of me. Until I pursued acting again.

I'm a founding member of Rooftop Improv Hong Kong. We hold weekly free jams for those how want to have fun with improv and use their skills. Plus we perform ever 2 months in Hong Kong.


From the theatre to the movies

TO get somewhere you need to start somewhere. This is my start, little but something.


Telling stories with images

hong kong actress HK actor - assopfc Professionnels Francophones du cinema

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I'm an entrepreneur and a passionate actor. I've always found it hard to fit in one place.

At school I described myself as a sporty geek. Heck! I put this website together by myself and I swim twice a week in a squad, this still stand true.

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