Hi there, I'm Tara

I’m a curious soul. Most days you can find me working on my Home Design Coach business, grabbing a coffee with a friend and practising a hobbies. I’m full of energy and in a good mood daily. I’m passionate about my personal growth and evergreen learning. My hobbies have their seasons. They include: swimming, acting, improv, reading, sewing, drawing.

      Moving homes every year or so, that was my upbringing. And I became very good at transforming the area between the 4 walls of my room into a space that reflected me

      I have all this experience and knowledge. And I want you to have a space that feels like you.

From the age of 14, I would create a scaled map of my room. I would convert the meters into centimeters (foot to inches ish) and draw out my room layout. After I would do the same with the furniture in my room and cut it out. Once all the pieces cut out I played around with different layout options. And when I was happy I moved the furniture around. I had no clue what Interior Design was or what I would be doing “when i grow up”.

The Home Design Coach - Learn to transform your life with interior design with Tara Barot

I believe in living life on your terms, so I’ve designed my life how I want to live it. I spend time with the people I care about and I’ll travel for 3 to 5 weeks at a time. I make time for the hobbies and activities I enjoy. 

I’m a freckled skinned hongkonger. My family immigrated to Hong Kong when I was  nine and ever since it’s been my home. I’m running an online program guiding you to transform your life with interior design, called: The Home Design Coach, and working as an event hostess. I’ve also been working on this website.

    How is your curiousity? Mine is HUGE! People fascinate me. From cultures and traditions. Languages and relationships. To their routines and habits.

    So in the past 3 years I have been working on myself. How can I be more effective, more productive. Smarter, not harder

    I have accumulated tips and habits. These have changed my life as I added them into my daily life and home

    Want to know how you can do it too? 

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