Tara Barot Chum Hom Kok Photoshoot

Hi There, I'm Tara

I’m a curious soul. I don’t have an average day. I go from being on boats, to working in front of my computer, to meeting up for coffees and lunches with friends, as one needs social contact, to moving my body from walking to swimming.

My life work in seasons, season of activities and hobbies. These include swimming, acting, improv, reading, sewing, sailing, spending time with friends.

I’m full of energy and in a good mood most days. Along with the curiosity I’m a eternal student. I know little of all the knowledge that is out there. therefore I have loads to learn still.

I used to push people to do things, that worked for me. Then I realise that with all the good intention I had I couldn’t make people do things.

Instead I started focusing on myself. Living my life for me, and shifting things in me. And I let others see the changes in me. When I’m asked I can share the tools I’ve used on myself.

It’s started with listening to podcast and reading books. I would look to takeaway 1 thing from a book or an episode and use it. See how it’d work in my life and choose to keep it or leave it.

Then, my home. I noticed that the way my home was laid out made be behave a certain way. I flipped it around, asking myself what do I want to be doing in my home. And then I moved the furniture around to set up the habit in place. Slowly I noticed I was doing this activities on a regular basis. I put all this knowledge and steps in an online course – The Home Design Coach.

Tara Barot - sailor, interior designer and multipassionate entrepreneur - life coach, actor, improvisation

my attraction to water

I’m a fish in water, growing up by the sea I feel at ease. Then, summer of 2020, I have an ah ha moment. I spend two full days by, on and in the water. By the second evening I feel refreshed, and rested. I take notice and I want more. I want to feel like this on a daily basis. I want to be working by the water. The solution, find work on a yacht. From here the journey begins.

I contact people to ask questions, what are the certifications that I need? What are people looking for soft and hard skills? Time frame and so on. 

From there I put together my sailing CV. At first I tell myself that I’m not experienced enough. They are people out there with WAY more skills than me… And as I’m writing my CV, I look back to my sailing experience. First I grew up around sail boat. So I know the environment. Plus since 2008 I’ve been racing on weekends regattas in Hong Kong. Some years, I’m more active then others. And overall all these little moments add up to skills. 

Tara Barot sailing crew on Kallima Swan 82 yacht charter during Les Voiles de Saint Tropez 2020 - Photo by Rosalie Chevalley photographer

I ask myself : “what life do I want to live?”

Once I know my answer, what I choose to take on, are things that are leading me to live the life I choose. 

“If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no”

“If you don’t prioritise yourself, no one else will”

I lead life by my action, want to see? head to my instagram where I share my day to day life.

My why


where would you like to go next?

This is all for you, inspired by my journey. There’s no shortcut in life to get to what you want. There’s a faster way, and that’s learning from other’s experiences.