Manifesting a trip to Mexico – Episode 42 of Rising Tide Podcast by Tara Barot.

In October 2022 I took off to Mexico, the idea first came into my mind in September 2021 while I was working a full time job in Hong Kong. Little did I know of the journey that was leading me to this trip.

From visual to audio reminders, to figuring out the steps along the journey. I go into depth what the creation of this trip looked like. I used multiple tools for manifestation that I’ve accumulated along the years. And a big fat dose of B…..

What happened was more beautiful than I could have ever imagine when I first set out to act on this idea. Ps. I’m currently creating another one right now, there’s only one space I feel safe to share this, and that’s in TB insider – you can sign up through HERE

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There’s a pattern in the things that I make happen, If you’re looking for more inspiration have a listen to these episodes:

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I also mentioned the site Workaway to find a place to stay while traveling and get free accommodation in exchange of volunteering / work.

Hong Kong 25th Jan 2022
Mexico 26th Oct 2022

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