Going After Your Dreams – There’s something you want to go after and the mind is thinking, am I good enough? Can I make this happen? Why would people work with me?

This journey had all of it. Plus a few rejection along the way. Which meant I readjusted and the vision changed. The end result I could have never imagined 5 months prior. The growth in self belief, just wow!

How did it happen? an idea, an action, another idea, another action and so on.

Listen/watch for the full story: How to made a video production collaboration happen – This one was an Arta from Natalia Mota and Tara Barot collaboration filming during Art Basel Hong Kong 2021 – the end result is available on the show notes below.

Going After Your Dreams - a video production project - rising tide podcast with Tara Barot - behind the scene filming
Natalia Mota on camera – with the film crew: 2 camera person and the producer/director

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Mentioned in the episode:

Thinking Big by Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Larry Iverson, Laura Stack, Bob Proctor, Marcia Wieder, Chris Widener, Sheila Murray Bethel, Mark Sanborn on Audible. 

Coaching Clarity Session with Tara

Creating A Job For Yourself #38 previous episode sharing the journey on how that happened

Keep scrolling for the pictures of the video premier 😉 and the video

Going After Your Dreams - collaboration with Natalia Mota from Arta, Tara Barot filming at Art Basel Hong Kong 2021 - the film crew behind the scene
The film crew on site – Eva student at FIS HK, Fai director of photography and Kermit second camera and Tara as producer/director

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