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How to start designing your life? Start by the life you want. It might feel a lot, just pick one thing.


April 2021, I started looking to rent for a flat. At first my thinking was: I’ll be able to afford this, therefore I’ll look at this area for this type of flat. This felt limiting. There was something off in this mindset. I then proceed to flip my thinking around. This required me to let go of limiting beliefs and think bigger.

I started with: I want a well lighted flat, with a balcony, in a location close to an MTR ( HK metro system). This shift in mindset allowed me to look in different areas that I was looking in. And find flat that I had not seen.


Often you’ll start by what you can have in your current situation. You’re going to miss out on so many things by this mindset. Start by what you want. It’s not a guarantee you’ll get it. But you’re more likely to get it if you start by what you want, instead what’s currently possible with your means but don’t really want.

How to apply it?

  • The next time you’re deciding something – start with what you want should there be no constraint.
  • Make it an exercise, it won’t actually be what happens, just a game your playing.
  • Then work back to how could you make what you want happen. See what happens.

You might not get to what you truly want, but you might. Or you might end up in the middle which would have been more than what you could have thought. 

If all fails, you’ve spend 5 / 10 mins on a mind exercise and you can go back to what you originally planned. 

What’s the cost of your not to start designing your life? 6 months from now, you’re exactly where you are today. How would you feel? take 1 min to feel all the emotions that are coming up.

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