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sailing in the South of France

Sailing in the South of France on a Gunboat 68 Catamaran. And what a yacht! sailing 9 knots in 9 knots of wind, smooth on the waves. And what a lifestyle on board. It’s was 3 days and it was amazing! Loved the journey.


And the people I met made it even more special, cool crew: Georges Cahusac (Captain), Camille Cianfarani, Alex Viot, and myself Tara Barot (chef). Part of the sailing crew, on this journey I did a little bit of sailing and the cooking. Another things i enjoy doing. Food is so good! fuel for the soul.

Heck, why are you reading this when you can watch the video below ๐Ÿ™‚

keep scrolling down for the links of the crew.

Sailing crew on instagram

Georges Cahusac (Captain) click here

Camille Cianfarani click here

Alex Viot – not on social

Tara Barot click here

Gunboat catamaran – click here


As for me Tara,

I’ve struggle many years to fit in one place. And since I’ve let all of this go and started designing a life that fitted me for me, I feel fantastic.

It’s by no means perfect, and it’s forever changing, and I’m ok with it. Today I follow one thing tomorrow it might be something else. 

Changing your mind is ok. Don’t misunderstand me, this is one aspect of my life, there is much more to it. I’m also capable of showing up for the long term too.

Sailing is a perfect example of it. I’ve grown up around sailing as my Dad is a professional sailor. I was not as interested before. Since 2008 I’ve been race sailing ie. regattas in Hong Kong. This is written in Jan 2021. I’ve been a casual sailor for 13 years. Now 13 years is a long term thing. I hadn’t done much about until summer 2020.

Want to know more about me, have a look at my about page click here

Until next time x

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