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Welcome the Design Your Home, Design Your Life Podcast.


Where I, Tara, share my experience 15 + years (as of 2020) of doing up my rooms and flats. 22+ moves. and at my age that’s a lot.

The skill to unpack all the boxes after a move after a few days, no excuse. And impress your mates when they ask how long have you lived here and you answer 1 week.


Yup that’s all possible.

It’s all in my head and thanks to this podcast, it’s going into your ears so that you can use all this knowledge yourselves. And all for free! bargain.

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Who is Tara Barot?

I’m an Interior Designer, a curious person and forever optimistic.  I believe that you should be living in a home that you feel great in, most days. We all have down days.

No excuses for the home you want. I mean truly want. I’m not talking about the home you think you want to impress so and so, and plays catching up with the Joneses. That’s the home you think you want. Big difference. 😉


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