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What is good habits at home?

This post covers:

  • What is good or bad
  • Where should the attention be
  • Are your habits good for you?
  • Exercise – habits inventory
  • Link to PDF for the Habits Inventory exercise

What is good or bad

First thing first, good and bad are subjective. Something that is good for you, can be bad for someone else. Some things are good for all. And there are different ways to achieving it. One way will work better than others. It’s not all black and white.

Where should the attention be?

The key word in all of this is YOU.

Why you? You are the human being living in your space. Therefore your home space needs to be tailored for you. Not your parents, nor your boss or the pristine image you took from an interior design blog. YOU

Remember this:

For once embrace being the centre of attention. guilt free hehe.

Are your habits good for YOU?

Now that you understand that it needs to be good for you.

A habits that’s good for you in a habit that makes you feel better then when you started it.

You want to feel lifted, energised, empowered, optimistic, expanded after you do that habit.

The more of these you have the more energised you’ll feel on a regular basis without having to do much work. as these are incorporated into your days.

Here’s an exercise to realise which habits make you feel lower, same or better after you’ve done them.

Exercise – Habit Inventory

STEP 1 –

Pick either your morning or evening routine. Select one first you can do the other later. (small bites of action get things done)

STEP 2 –

For example: let’s use your morning routine. Now go through all the actions you do from waking up to leaving your home.

this includes:

  • switching your alarm off
  • picking up your phone and checking … filling in the space
  • going to the bathroom
  • brushing you teeth
  • looking yourself in the mirror
  • showering
  • dressing up
  • coffee routine
  • doing your hair

STEP 3 –

Next write how you feel after doing the action

You’ll either feel

  • less than before – you feel constrained, pressure, squeezed, drained, on a lower level energy
  • the same
  • better than before – you feel expanded, lifted, raised, energised.

STEP 4 –

For the actions that you feel drained, write down what you can do to change the feeling to either the same as when you started, or better.

Recap of the steps –

You can also find a PDF attached for you to go through this in your own time

STEP 1 – pick a routine

STEP 2 – list all the actions you do for that routine

STEP 3 – write how you feel after doing the action

STEP 4 – write what you can do to change that feeling into the same as before or better.


Good habits for you are habits that work for you.

Habits that make you feel lifted, energised, expanded. 


You’ve got this x


Tara Barot - The Home Design Coach - transform your life with Interior Design - Hong Kong

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