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Your home lighting affects your sleep hormones…


This is part 2 of 3 on lighting. In part 1 the three lighting home categories where covered:

  • Ambiance lighting
  • Decorative lighting
  • Task lighting

Link to part 1 at the end of the post.

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How light affects your body

Sunrise – 1850 K

This is a warmer light, it wakes up your body slowly by going to a brighter cooler colour later on in the day progressively.

NOTES: Photographers plan their photo shoot at this time and sunset this light makes everything look amazing


Midday Sun – 5500 K to 6500 K for a bright day

Strongest and harshest light of the day, with blue light being emitted. The blue light keeps you awake as it stops the creation of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone your body creates before going to sleep to relax you.


Sunset – 1850 K

This is a warmer light, it relaxes your body slowly by going from the cooler colour to warmer colour progressively. The warmer shade tells your body to start creating melatonin to get you ready for sleep by relaxing you.

NOTES: Photographers plan their photo shoot at this time and sunrise this light makes everything look amazing


Home Lighting

Most of the lighting in your home would be on the daylight colour. Around 5500 K. Meaning that it has blue light being emitted from it too. And as soon as the sun sets, you are being affected by it.

You are also being affected by it upon waking up. Should you wake up with artificial lighting, instead of waking up gradually your body is given this boost of blue light as soon as you are opening your eyes. It shocks the body in a way that’s not natural.

You can change this by changing the bulbs in your bedrooms, and other spaces.


Have ambient lighting that’s on the warmer side, 2000K. And add task lighting on the cooler daylight side, 5500 K to 6500 K.


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