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Your Home Lighting Categories

Light on top of being practical to do things around your home affects your body. Here’s a guide to help you know a little more how it works for you to make better choices in your home.

This is by no means extensive, it gives you and overall knowledge.


Your environment affects you all the time. It’s important for you to know how it affects you so that you may tailor it to make you feel your best always.

Why go for feeling so so, when feeling great is in you control?

Here are the 3 lighting categories for your home. This is part 1 of 3 on lighting. To make sure you get the latest update as soon as it comes up, sign up to the weekly email, link at the end of the post.


Ambiance lighting

For general light, living room when you have people over and you are chatting, and spending a good time. Bedroom, before you head to sleep. 

Types of light you can use:

Ceiling, floor, wall lighting. And you can play around with the colour of the light. Between 2000 K to 3000 K to keep it soft on the eyes. Unless you require special effects


Decorative home lighting

This can be a coloured light on the wall to create a feature. Or a direct light on a painting or sculpture to showcase a particular item.

Types of light you can use:

Spot lights, strip lights, colourful lighting. The range of colour is up to you, have fun with this, as it’s for decoration purposes.


Task lighting

cooking, reading, putting makeup on, work space, … anything you need to have a clear light on.

In task lighting there are spaces where you want different types of lighting too. As you have the cooler (blue) and warmer (yellow) types. 

Types of light you can use:

Spot lights, strip lights, directional lighting on the floor or table lamps. 5500 K to 6500 K range. Make sure these are separate from your ambient and decorative lighting. So you can switch off when they are not in use. 



On bathroom task lighting. You look at yourself daily and for some reason spot lights are popular in bathrooms.

Remember, you go for a photoshoot with a professional photographer. She will choose sunset or sunrise to take pictures to make you look great.

So why would you ever want to look at yourself with the harshest, unflattering light every time you step in your bathroom??

Have a daylight task lighting around the mirror that you can switch on and off for make up or shaving for men purposes. And that’s it.

Be kind to yourself, always. You deserve the best.


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Tara Barot - The Home Design Coach on home lighting