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My property investment journey, from 0 to where my exponential growth started to happen. And the journey is only starting.

This is the story of my journey. You are not me. What ever you take action on, make sure it suits you, your life and your goals. You want a life on your terms for you. Not a life on my terms for you. Do your research, and act accordingly. Now that that’s over let’s get into my journey.

December 2016 –

The revival of the property investment journey

– and so much more… which I will cover at the end of this post.

Let’s rewind to 2005 – 

I’m given a book to read by my mum and step dad : Rich Dad Poor Dad [RDPD] by Robert Kiyosaki.

My takeaway then:

  • Make money work for you. [diversify from giving your time / working for money]
  • Find a job where you learn the skills to move you towards your goal

Jump to 2009 – 

Leaving University with an interior design degree and I have this dream to buy property, renovate, sell or rent out.

The city I’m heading to: Hong Kong – on of the the most expensive places to buy in the world. And required 30% deposit for a property you want to live in. As for investment purposes. and over 7 million HKD it’s up to 50% deposit. (stats from 2009/2010) and that’s for a 500sqft flat.

Starting to working in Hong Kong and this dreams fades away ish… Ish as I remembered deep down my second take away from RDPD: find a job where you can learn the skills to move you closer to your goal.

I wanted to do property investment, and in order for me to know more I went to work as a real estate agent in Hong Kong to know the property market.

I studied for my license and practise for a few years. 

Then life happened, you know the one where you don’t think of where you want o go and live without a heading. One day after the next. No questions, no goals. One week passes, a few months and then it’s a few years! Yup that’s the one.

PS. I have no regrets and I see that this time was necessary for me to be where I’m today. It’s all part of my journey. And what a journey it is.

A few year have past – December 2016

It’s now December 2016, and the dream is sleeping in the back of my mind somewhere. There’s an ad on Facebook about a property investment seminar, 3 hours, I sign up. I re-read RDPD. After I sign up for a 3 day seminar. From there I re-find my why for my property investment journey to restart.

February 2017

A friend mentions about a property meet up in Hong Kong about real estate. For the next months I sign up and attend. (these are by the Property Hub UK, link at the end of the post. PS. They no longer do meet up internationally, they’ve changed formats.)

The next 2 years

Time passes, and I listen to property podcast on a regular basis. I read books about property investment. The meet ups are great to learn from other people’s journey and experience. And great to make connections too. These are educational years. It’s also a time where I’m figuring out how to start the journey. Where will my deposit come from. Yup this is a question I ask myself. As you can save up for the deposit, or ask for people around you. Depending on your situation. 

2019 – 

This is my year of education for my business. It feels like I went to university for a year. I learned about business, marketing, public speaking, creating workshops, setting up a website with SEO, branding, digital marketing, collaborating, asking for support, mindset, resistance and so much more. All this between online courses and a mastermind.

On the mindset part, this is where I realised that I could use the revenue from my online business to grow the deposit for the properties. I went to thinking I needed to borrow money to I can generate the money. I wrote I post about this shift READ IT BY CLICKING HERE

Therefore I’m working on the online business as the next step in my property journey.

December 2016 – 

I mentioned above that this was the start of the property investment journey and so much more. This is also when I started embracing who I am for me and my curiosity. Up until then I tried to fit in other peoples ideals for me. And there was always something missing. A part not feeling quite right. Only when I started doing things for me that I noticed the difference. And that feeling of emptiness left. I’m a people pleasure, and it bring me joy to do so. I don’t intend of changing that. What I’m doing now is paying to what I want to be doing for me and doing it. 

The best part of this, is I have more energy to give back to the people I love in my life. By being selfish and putting myself first, I’m more present, and I can give more to others.

Who’d a thunk it? 😉

To recap

  • There’s a dream I have
  • It fades away because life happens
  • I choose jobs to grow my skill set
  • The dream comes back
  • I educate myself
  • I take a step towards generating the deposit

And this is a wrap

Thank you for reading this far. Below, you can find the links that I mentioned through the post.


For more on financial education / literacy have a look HERE

I’m not receiving any commission from these links. This is purely for you to learn the knowledge as I did.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Property Hub

Renegade Brand Bootcamp – the mastermind I attended

Tara Barot Embrace Who You Are


This is my point of view and my experience. This is not the norm, and therefore you shouldn’t take this information and apply it without doing your own research. I’m aware that you have a different background, story, experience and goals. Thus do what suits you, for you, for your situation, and for your goals.


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