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Public speaking is the Number one fear people have. You are on a stage alone, and lots of pairs of eyes are focusing on you, no wonder you feel threaten.

Human beings are social animals, and therefore when you are alone you feel in danger.

And when you have loads of eyes focused on you, you feel like a prey. Again you feel in danger.

When you feel in danger, your body reacts and prepares you for fight or flight. This means you heart start to race. And this is not something we are used to feeling. At least we are not supposed to be feeling this on a regular basis.


My first public speaking gig

Location – Asia World Expo, Hong Kong

Date – October 2019

Topic – How to choose the right items for your home / your customer’s home

In the video, I talk through how I felt before the talk. How it went. And what I learned from it. Because yes, I plan to do it again and again. 

My mission is for you to feel amazing in your home. As your home is where you start you day and where you end your day.

Read HERE for why it’s important to start your day well

To feel go in your home, you need to know you. Also to know yourself you need to accept all of you. You are amazing just the way you are. And your home is the place to elevate you, to make you shine. The place to make you feel like you can tackle anything the day coming may bring you.



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