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Do you have coffee in the mornings?

Your answer is yes. Than you have a morning routine. You can replace the word coffee for tea, green juice, fruit juice, other beverage. It’s all the same. Even if it’s boiling water and a tea bag. More simple a glass of water. That’s a routine!

This is one habit / routine you have at home. Read more about why your morning routine is important HERE

Morning Coffee

It’s the little things that matter. This is why I focus on the little things. When you forget about the little things you forget about what matters.

Let’s take for example the experience when you go to a restaurant. What makes the experience? You walk in, someone attends to you directly. Smiles at you, and shows you to the table. You are then given the menus, offered water directly. You are given 5 mins of more to choose your drinks someone comes back. Then another little while to choose what to eat, and your order is taken. After a reasonable amount of time you food arrives, it’s tasty. Anything else you need during the meal you raise your hand and someone comes within a short moment and attends to you. You are done, all the plates are removed, offered more to drink, deserts. You ask for the bill. And you leave. How was your overall experience? Good, maybe even great.

Now look at all the above. Nothing big happened. It’s all small actions one after the other. All of them going well.

One habit at a time

It’s the same for everything that happens in your life. And this is why I focus on the little things. One habit at a time. You start by doing one habit that make you feel great. And you do it regularly. Then you pick up another that energises you. And you keep doing it. That’s two things daily you do for you. Keep adding to those one at a time and you create sections of your days where you feel energised.

Making your morning coffee might seem mundane. But it’s not. You can make that the time for you to feel elevated, energised by implementing a simple practical routine you enjoy.

I’ll give you one thing. In order to create something you enjoy, you need to know what is it that you enjoy. And to know that, you need to know yourself. Yup, YOU!

One more time:

In order to create something you enjoy, you need to know what is it that you enjoy.

This needs to seek in.

In the video I show you how I put in place my morning coffee routine. So that it’s simple, practical. Plus everything is at reach from one location. And I don’t have to look at the back of my cupboards to find what I need.


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This is one habit for your home. Read more about why your morning routine is important HERE

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