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There is a video about why celebrate failure attached to this post. Read the post first before watching the video.

This post covers:

1) Why I posted the raw footage
2) Video notes
3) Video Topics Summary
4) 7 levels of why
5) Subscription link to make your life easier
6) Video Link


1) Why I posted the raw footage from celebrate failure

The video was taken in one go, and I uploaded the raw footage. As the name suggest it’s raw, unedited and the truth.

This is the RAW UNEDITED footage of the video. I originally wanted to edited it to only the why celebrate failure and then realise that this aspect of the emotional journey was never shared, most likely because it’s not captured.

I happened to be recording while this happened. And this is real. So I wanted to share. Building the life you want and the business is not all smiles and pretty pictures like you see on socials. it’s so much more.

Oh and there is no bloopers for this video. it was meant to be edited but I choose not to after.


2) Video Notes

Real Talk with Tara Barot comes from Me, Tara. It’s a place where I share what I learn, use in my journey. So that you can grow faster by learning from my experience.

I have been learning from others and I have seen my journey go to another level. I want that for you too.

You want a shortcut in life? This is it. learn from others. And APPLY it!

You must take action. Learning with no action leads to nowhere.

Knowledge is only potential power


3) Video Topics Summary

In this talk I talk about:

00:45 – what is failure
02:15 – the failure
04:07 – share your failure
06:50 – what to do when you fail
09:10 – what I do – The Home Design Coach
11:56 – one year ago
12:42 – emotions coming up
17:24 – mental health
18:35 –  your mind is mean to you
20:15 –  wrap up


4) 7 levels of why

This is an exercise where you ask yourself the question you want to know the answer to. 

Let’s use – Why do I want to set up my own business?

QUESTION 1 – Why do I want to set up my own business. 
ANSWER – Because I want to choose when I work

QUESTION 2 – Why do I want to choose when I work?
ANSWER – To be able to spend time with my family when I want and choose to

QUESTION 3 – Why do I want o spend time with my family?
ANSWER – They lift me up when I they surround me

QUESTION 4 – Why do I want to feel lifted?
ANSWER – To be my best self around them and others.

QUESTION 5 – Why do I want to be my best self? 
ANSWER – To give back my energy to those around me who need it.

QUESTION 6 – Why do I want to give back my energy?
ANSWER – So that others may find their own and share it too.

QUESTION 7 – Why do I want others to find their own energy and share it?
ANSWER – To create a circle of giving that keeps going, and sustains itself.

This is one example. You can use this for anything. The first 3 to 4 WHY questions will feel easy to answer. For the next ones you will feel some resistance. This is normal as we are not used to doing this. And for the first time in a long time this is asking you to look within yourself. And pay attention to it. 

Once you did the exercise let me know how it went at:


5) Subscription link to make your life easier.

I have a lot to share, and I use multiple platforms to do so. There is one place however where everything is brought together and that’s my weekly email list:

Click HERE for the subscription form


6) Video Link – Why you should celebrate failure



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Enjoy the video x

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