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Do you struggle to keep your home tidy?
Do you feel like you have no time to tidy your home?
I have a cleaning up tip for you.
Also make sure you read till the end for a bonus resource to take action on decluttering your home.

Are you ready?

Right here it is:
There is one rule, guideline, call it however it pleases you.
A place for everything and everything has its place.
And make that your mantra in your home.

For example:

Let’s say you have your coffee/tea in the morning. And usually you rush out the door and leave the mug/cup wherever you last put it down.
You come back home and have another beverage.
Now there are two items to clean.
You are tired after your long day and can’t be bothered to get off the sofa as you are watching you favorite serie. Sounds familiar?
You might even have many cups, so can can be doing this routine for a few days before you do anything about it. The cups/mugs might be laid out all around the home, or in the sink.
You decide to get up, pick them up and wash it all. You don’t like it, or enjoy any of it. It’s all cleaned you feel better. But the next day it all starts again…

Now take this scenario

Using the cleaning up tip
You drink your beverage, and directly after you finish you put it in the sink, wash it, and place it to dry.
When you come home, your kitchen is clean.
You feel good.
There is nothing to be done and you can sit on the sofa to chill in front of your favorite serie, guilt free!
PS. if you have a dishwasher you are lucky, and enjoy it. You can still get the story for other items you use around the house. Taking clothes out and not putting them away. Reading a book and leaving it in a random place at home. The above is an example to be used in many other situations.
Which example one sounds nicer? The second scenario of course.

I’m going to say the cleaning up tip one more time:

A place for everything and everything has its place.

As it needs to sink in so it becomes second nature.


A little story:

I used to be that person. And not just for cups, but for dishes, pans, all cooking. And not just in the kitchen. For the laundry, wait till I had no more clothes to wear before I did a load. And then wait to remove my dried clothes from the rack till I was told off by my other half.
Yup that was me. Even though all this happened, I still knew where all my belongings were at all times. I was organized but I didn’t like to clean up on items used daily.
Now I cook, clean while I cook, eat and finish cleaning up. I do the laundry when there is enough for one load, hang it, and put it away when it’s dry.
And I feel much better too. As I take small action in my home, this follows through in my personal and work life. I don’t wait to take action. I take action.
Something as small as cleaning your home can help you in your business. Who would have thought. But it does!
There is a book called : A monk’s guide to a clean house and mind (I am not paid by anyone to recommend this book) By : Shoukei Matsumoto, that talks about how cleaning your home affects in a good way your mind. I found it useful and use tips from it today still.
Now you know what to do to simplifying the cleaning up in your home. One more time for the road: A place for everything and everything has its place.
I want you to do the same thing in your home and feel great in it. This is why I am sharing this.
Keeping your home in order is important. And to help that, having only the things that matter to you makes it easier. Here is the bonus resource to take action on decluttering.
You have the mantra to follow. Now what are you going to do with it?

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