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Are you ready to change your home?
How to know if you are?
The first answer is: you’ll never be 100% (and that’s in life in general)
Second, and the answer you are looking for is: You are ready when you have tipped over the point where it has become too uncomfortable to stay here.
Third, be clear on what you want.
Make sure you read to the end of the post to receive an exercise to help you clarify what you want when you change your home.

Let me tell you a story about a dog.

A guy is at the vet. He sees a dog whining in the floor.
He asks the vet: “What’s wrong with the dog?”
To which the vet answers: “He is lying on a bed of nails.”
The guy, surprised to hear this follows by asking: “Why doesn’t he move?”
The vet replies: “It doesn’t hurt badly enough”

Now let’s take this example:

You have a job with a fixed contract. You are being paid every month. The likelihood of you getting fired is slim. You have an ok life.
You can pay your rent, expenses, spend a little money for fun and have enough to travel twice a year.
But at work, you can’t stand your boss or a work colleague. That person is making life miserable at work for you.
You keep telling yourself: “One day I’ll find another job” it doesn’t happen. And with all that going on at work you stay there.
Even if that chips small parts of yourself and your dreams away slowly.
Why don’t you do anything about it? Because you are ok to go through the misery as long as you get everything else that the misery comes with. (paid rent, expenses, lifestyle…)
It’s not BAD enough for you to get off your bottom and do something about it!
Yup you heard me. You are making a choice to live an ok life just because you are comfortable.

What is the takeaway?

In order for you to take action and keep taking action you need a strong reason to do so. If it bothers you, and you are ok to live with this, you won’t do anything about it. Bonus you can use this in many aspects of life.

What needs to happen?

You need to be fed up with it! So much that it has become uncomfortable to be living this way.
Something terrible happens (not wishing this on anyone.) Have a look at this 3 mins TED talk for inspiration. How a negative thing can become a force of power.
Or you need to have had enough of this mediocre situation that you don’t feel great in.
I want you to feel great, wonderful, amazing, _____ (insert your preferred word along this idea) at home and in your life.

Here is the question for you:

How do you feel? ok, not bothered?
That’s fine. You are not ready. Stay where you are as you are comfortable and ok with it.
That’s not you?
You have a fire inside of you? You’ve had enough of how things are? You want to make changes? And you are going to keep moving forward even when obstacles come your way? Even when others are telling you never going to happen? You want to be your best self? You are going to change you home?
Is that You? Brilliant then you are ready to take action and create the home you want. And therefore create the life you want.
Remember you will never feel 100% ready to take the leap
When you start feeling like you can’t take it anymore that’s when you want to take action.
Just in case you need an extra push. As I mentioned above HERE is an exercise for you to go through.
Let me know how it goes, send me an email at
You can do it, I am sure. xx
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