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Why you are best suited to change your home.

Let’s start by explaining this sentence, right after this:

This blog post is brought to you by yours truly, Tara Barot 😉 … Ha ha ha I’m mucking about.
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Your home should be a reflection of you. You are living in it. It’s your space. YOURS. Who are you? You are a mixture of habits, routine, hobbies, passions, and much more. So Include all parts of you in your home. You will change, that’s normal. And your home will change with you.
Change, by “change your home”, I mean to incorporate you and you personality into your home. Whatever that is. Minimalist, maximalist and all the range in the middle. The goal is that you feel good when you walk home.
Best suited – best suited means that you know you. And the best person to know you is… you’ve guessed it : YOU


What I can do is to guide you through this process. I am here to guide you for 3 things:

First, I am here to help you bring your routines, habits out in the open and make them clear.
best suited to change your home, that's you - Tara Barot - The home design coach - embrace who you are
Second, I am here to help you figure out what you want. Yup WANT, not what you don’t want. Because I am pretty sure that you already know what you don’t want. Yet do you know what you want? For you and your home?
Third, I help you to incorporate your wants and routines into you home layout. From the mind onto the physical world.
Coming back to why you are best suited to change your home. In all three points above, it’s all related to you. As much experience and knowledge I have I cannot apply it successfully without the knowledge that’s in your head.
You are the only one who knows your likes, dislikes, passions, wants, dreams, you name it. The human species has not figured out mind reading yet. So I can’t tell you what you want. As much as I could suggest things you might like.
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You have what it take. I know you do. Believe in yourself x
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