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Steps to maximising a small space:
First Arrange Items
Followed by Declutter
and make sure to Keep Clean

Arrange items:

How – You want to arrange items, by areas, use, categories, hobbies. Start larger then to smaller categories
Why – Items will be easier to find. You will spend less time looking for things. And It will also be easy to clean as you’ll know where to place the item again. You are maximising a small space by creating order.


How – keep things you love and use, thing you love and things you use / need to keep (papers). The rest give or throw away.
Why – keeping items that YOU love / use only will remove items and guilt. Guilt comes from items you haven’t used. And items you have been given but don’t really want to keep.

Keep clean:

How – every item has a space so put it back where it belongs. Plus this in a family is crucial. You have multiple members. When one person uses something and doesn’t replace it where it comes from, the item is easily lost/misplaced.
Why – save TIME on looking for things. And have a clean looking home. PS clean doesn’t mean nothing or minimalist. It means no random items in random places.
Happy decluttering

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