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So they and you can feel great about a clean home

You’ve decided to clean up your home. You feel great about, and you are ready to tackle on the work. And then, there is one thought coming into your mind. “How can I have my partner and/ or my kids included in the cleaning?”
First allocate spaces.
Second maintain of your space always.
You want to give space for all the family. You have your space, there is your partner’s space, and your kids space. Finally there is the family space. Each space has an individual responsible for it. And everyone is in charge for common spaces. Heck you can even assign a space for your pets. A space where their items need to stay and give the responsibility to a member of the family to take care of.
By allocating space you are spreading the responsibilities up. So that you don’t exhaust yourself overseeing all spaces. Because let’s be honest, taking care of everyone all the time is not good for you. You are the first person who should take care of yourself. and you need to make time for that. Hence by giving responsibilities to others, you create time for you.
Giving responsibilities. First you avoid assumption. Because with assumption a lot of things don’t happen. “Oh I though you were going to do it” rings a bell?
By making it clear who is in charge of which space you remove assumption and grey zones.
For common areas, let other know how things work. For example: when you bring an item in this area you need to take it away when you finish using it. All items that have a space need to return where they where taken from. And so on.
For small children, it is up to you to set the rules for them. You brought them into your space, you are the leader. Lead like you want them to behave. It’s all up to you. Will it work everyday, maybe not because humans tall and tiny all have their moments. But it will work should you choose to persist. It won’t be easy to start with, true. But was walking easy when you started? or when your child started? NOPE. They fell over and over again. And kept persisting until they walked. You never once said “ pff they’ll never walk did you?” So don’t tell yourself “it’ll never work/happen”.
Learn from your child.
If you want to to something you’ll find a way, If you do not want to do something you’ll find excuses.
You have started the cleaning. Keep going. Do something daily, even is it’s a little step. You want to keep the momentum going. The more you do, the more it will become easier. And second nature.
Also you can talk about how great you feel having done the work. The aim of this is to share your enthusiasm. it’s not however to make other feel bad about it. You want to lift others up around you. Not take them down.
I want to hear how your progress is doing. Send me an email at hello@tarabarot.com
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Enjoy you home x

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