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Title: Start With Why
Author: Simon Sinek
Date started & finished: 2019 June 9th – July 10th
Notes edited on: 2019 July 19

Why I choose this book:

I had seen Simon Sinek TED talk on why before, and it kept coming up. From podcast, to people recommendation. Thus the book made it on my reading list. Plus I was feeling like a needed a little directing in June. To make sure I kept my purpose in sight, and that I always start with why in mind.

Book theme/ message:

In everything that you do, why you should start with why. As this is emotional and moves more.

Personal connection: How does the book relate to me to me or my experiences?

Keeping my purpose in mind so that I know my heading. The how and what changes. But I want to make sure that the time I spend working, I spend working on items that fulfil my why.

Including my highlights passages and or quote.

There are leaders and those who lead.
Leaders are inspirational, they lead because they want to, not because they have to.
Motivation comes from an external factor.
Versus inspiration which starts from a sense of purpose from within, personal.
Create a new norm of trust and loyalty
From Now on, Start with Why
False Assumptions stops innovations
!fixing the symptom instead of fixing the cause!
Great leaders understand things we cannot see. These are things that makes long term success. (don’t but a bandaid on haemorrhaging wound, fix the cause of the wound)
Fit by design and not by default
IDEA – carrot vs stick also inspiration vs manipulation
Fear messaging vs Aspirational messages
People don’t have time to do it right but they always have time to do it again. e.g.. dieting over and over again vs eating right and exercising always
Innovation vs Novelty
Innovation is industry altering, novelty is adding a new feature.
Manipulation i.e.. rewards are valid for transaction that will only happen once – lost dog, catch a criminal, …
manipulation does not work to create loyalty
An alternative perspective
the golden circle – golden ratio
think, say and act from the inside out
people buy WHY you do something not what you do.
With the absent of a why the decision is harder to make. Therefore we look to science to make it.
Henry Ford – “If I would have asked people what they wanted they would have said a better horse”
it’s what you can’t see that matters most
Authentic – everything you say and do you believe
The Right Order
→ why provides the context for everything else. If you don’t know why, you can’t know how
Your what should be a proof of you why
When we are selective doing business with only those who believe in our why, trust emerges
Then with trust comes a sense of value. Value is the transference of trust
WHY is a belief
HOW are the actions we take
WHAT is the results of those actions
when all 3 are in balance trust is build and value is what is perceived
a leader holds highest rank
Hire people who are already motivated and inspire them –
How the tipping point tips
-the tipping point book – influencers and leaders
5 segments of population of a bell curve
2.5% innovators, 13% early adaptors, 34% early majority, late majority, laggers
figure out which is which so you don’t waste your time.
Woo early adaptors first, before convincing the early majority
Give the people something to believe in
People followed Martin Luther King for their ideas of a changed america. Not because of his idea.
How to rally those who believe
Energy motivates but charisma inspires. Thus amplify the source of inspiration-
A 3 dimensional golden circle – cone
WHY – leader with vision – top of cone
HOW – senior exec – inspired by vision and know how to bring it to life. Using actions and their results – systems and processes – person or small group – middle of cone
WHAT – is where the majority sits
Those who know WHY need those who know HOW. Most people in the world are HOW types.
To run or to lead?
Inspire So that people include the product into their lifestyle
People feel compelled to share the word
Build a megaphone that works- The message needs to be clear
Not just loud
CLARITY OF PURPOSE Say it only if you believe it-
Success is your why
Achievements is your what – serves as milestones
You’ve succeeded when you have your purpose
You’ve achieve when you’ve reach your goals
The 2 are often confused together
Success is a feeling
Achievement is measurable
Achieving vs success
A clear why = a clear filter for decision making, any decision (hiring, strategies)
Anyone can make a decision as clearly and accurately as the founder
A clear why scales
Words are hollow but deeds and values are deep.
The creator / CEO job is to personify the why, to be a symbol of what the company believes.
When the company grows, the cone is the tool through which the why spreads through.
Leaders start movements and all movements are personal.
PASSION alone cannot survive without structure the HOW.
WHY without the HOW has a high chance of failure.
You need to watch out from the change of obsession with the why (fufilling its purpose). To the obsession of the how (achieving goals)
what gets measured gets done
measure why – eg. by how many thank you cards one received
measure the value you bring
When the why goes, the what is all you have left
look after people and people will look after you.
the origin of why
why does not come from looking ahead or market research
finding the why comes from discovery not innovation.
remaining balanced and focus-
harness power to move people.
I am a failure –
driven by passion and completely irrational
to inspire people to do the things that inspire them-
Henry Ford:
“if you think you can or you can’t you are right”
to inspire others to make them believe that they can do it.-
the new competition –
If you follow your why, others will follow you.
when you compete against others no one wants to help you. When you compete against yourself everyone wants to help you.
what if the goal was to do better this week then the week before.
to make this months better then last month.
for the only reason to leave the organisation better then when you joined
why should I do business with you?
Because the work we do now is better than what we did 6 months ago. And the work we will be doing 6 months from now will be better than the work we are doing today.
We come to work to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.
Find customers who believe what you believe, and work together.
What impact or impression has this book made on me?
I am putting a continuous effort to keep sight on my why. So that I remember always why I am doing what I do. Even when the tough gets going.

How can I use start with why?

review my big why daily

Why must I start with why?

This reinforce all the work that I am doing. And it reminds me why. Even before I see concrete results.

When will I start with why?


My recommendation of this book: [low 1 … 10 high]

Why: You are putting a business, service, product together, read this book. This can save you hours of struggle in marketing and vision down the line. And even if you want to pass the company on and make sure it strives. Read this and applicate it.
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