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What is money mindset? It’s your perception of money, what it can do and what it represents, including values. And your mindset is different than others money mindset.
A lot has been going on lately, as part as of my self growth journey. And one of these transformation is that I went from asking money for investment. To realising that I can create legally that amount of money within a couple of years myself. How did that happen? Simple answer: shift of mindset. let me tell you exactly how:

Let’s back up about 5 months…

My business idea is coming slowly together, I have the structure of the business. I know what I do not want and what is a must. There are still pieces missing. But on the whole it looks good.

Investing in myself financially

I take a plane to Dallas, US (from Hong Kong). This is a first as this in person mastermind is the first time I spend/ invest money in myself. The best investment I have done so far. First shift in my money mindset.
The program I joined is both in person and remote, and lasted 3 months in total. I learn so much and discovered new things that I would like to do.

1 month ago

I join another course online. This one is built to make sure that most of it’s participants finish the course.
Second shift in my money mindset. Yes I am spending money. But what I am learning will enable me to create what I spent in a short time. Great return on Investment.
And I fall on a program called “Ultimate Edge” by Tony Robbins. A 21 day program, 1 hour per day audio tape with exercises to do during or at the end of the track.
This is where the shift happened. at Day 7

Ultimate Edge

A quick summary of Day 1 to 6
Day 1 – your ideal life (what do you really want? and write it down!)
Day 2 – Power Hour (move you body and set up your mind to win)
Day 3 – Taking action (create momentum and keep going)
Day 4 – 4 big actions to take (what have you been putting off and should be doing?
Day 5 – From the past positive and negative neuro association. (because your brain has connections from past environment, education, experience)
Day 6 – Neuro Associative Conditioning (how it works and how you can change it to your advantage

Day 7 – Goal setting workshop

Arrived at day 7 – How to create a compelling future
write down personal development goals all that you want to do, achieve, be.
add a 1 for the goals you want to happen in 1 year of less
add a 3 for the goals you want to happen in 3 year of less
same for 5 and 10.
for those you want to achieve is 1 year of less, write a paragraph why you want to make them happen. Why is it important to you?
write down thing goals all that you want to have, do and create. I had a slow start to that. Third shift in my money mindset.
Again number them. And for those you want to achieve is 1 year of less, write a paragraph why you want to make them happen. Why is it important to you?
Write down economic goals
Write down FINANCIAL GOALS and why you are going to achieve it <- this is the one!


These fired me up from the inside so much. From Holy S*** to Hell YES! and I CAN DO this and I AM GOING to do this.
It’s hard to put on words the feeling I has inside as is was a big Ah-Ha moment.
There was no how can I make this happen. The how will come on it’s own.
And writing all these numbers down is when I realised that I could make all my goals happen. And everything else that comes with it. Including a life on my terms that is great.

What Now?

I am sharing so you may apply this you too.
In order to do that you must to the exercise. You must work on yourself. You must be open minded.
Insanity : doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.
You want a different life, stop limiting yourself ( I can’t do this) and stop giving yourself excuses (because I need to do ….) STOP!
I am not asking you to change what you do. I am asking / telling you to change your mindset. That’s it. Change how you think. And see what happens.


Are you afraid to change your thinking? Why is that? What’s your fear for having a different mindset? What’s the worst that can happen when you change the way you think? Ask yourself this question and reflect on it.
You are welcome to share with me if you want. You can find me on Instagram @tarabarot. Plus you can find my summary of day 1 to 6 on my story highlight in Ultimate Edge.
Happy Growing.
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