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It’s a simple one and you might have already heard about it:
Morning Ritual
This does not have to be long or woowoo by any sorts. Most important it need to fit you, your personality and your needs.
You can also call it your Morning Routine.
What this should include is time for YOU. Before you tackle anybody else’s to do items. You should be taking time for you. So that you feel great upon starting your day.
Don’t as soon as you wake up
-deal with everyone else’s problems – e.g.: look at messages and email
-compare yourself with others and think you are not moving forward – e.g.: hop on social media
-overwhelm yourself with negative happenings in the world – e.g.: read the news
Do’s upon waking up
-take care of you body the whole of it – e.g.: hydrate yourself
-put yourself first – e.g.: shower, dressing up, other with as less interruption as possible
-add other little things to plan your day, build up energy and motivation – e.g.: breathing, stretching, plan the day, an activity or other
And time should not be an issue. You can take 5 mins to start.
-wake up
-drink a large glass of water
-get out of bed and stretch 2 mins
-sit and think of 3 things you are grateful for or a breathing session or a meditation session.
Even if it’s 5 mins for you, that’s good. If you don’t have 5 mins, I would say then you NEED to take the time to take care of yourself.
And if you have more time. That’s great.
Let me know your favourites morning ritual / routine / habits
Have Great Morning Ahead
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