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Sharing is caring I say. So I’m sharing about momentum. Well I share because I have taken away value from what I have learned. And I want others to know the information. So that they may chose to use it or not.
Wether you agree or not with it that is fine and up to you. It is good to know all options so that you can chose.
I have been using this recently about Momentum.
What for you may ask?
To get things DONE!
Potential ⇢ Action
Certainty ⇠Results
This goes loop keeps going around.
The potential is the full potential of the action, service, you.
The action is the massive action.
The results is from the massive action.
The certainty of belief comes from the results that has happened.
The loop goes round and round. Which one do you change to change the whole loop?
Potential? You do not know the potential straight up
Action? Taking a massive action straight on, can be hard.
Results? before the rest is going to be hard.
The solution is the certainty/belief.
The mind is a powerful tool. And the great thing is that we all have one! Yup you heard me. So the excuse of not me, does not work 😉
And you can change your belief/certainty using your mind.
When you visualise the end accomplish results. Plus you start to believe in them. They will manifest.
Waiting for something to happen to be proven right is what people who wait and wait for things to happen do.
Believing in something before it happens is what people do who have things happening to them.
Which one of those do you want to be? Always waiting for the great moment. Or living the great moment? Up to you and you mind to decide.
Oh and one more thing to keep in mind:
“Repetition is the mother of all skill” Tony Robbins
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