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We all have one, an inner voice. Sometimes it whispers things we want to hear and sometimes it shouts things we would not say to our closest friend. I will not talk about the why this happens. It happens. I am here to talk about what can be done.
Recently I have been paying more and more attention to mine. I have consciously changed my spoken speech to empower me. Thus my internal dialogue is affected too. And that is great.
Something unexpected, to me at least, started happening as I am move closer to my goals and deadlines.
This inner voice seems to have woken up. And it is creeping in with doubts. Even when I know that what I am working on works. As I have proof of this when I describe what I am putting together to others.
I was talking to one of the ladies in a community I am in her about this (my limiting thoughts). She told me to : “Tell them to fuck off!” This was just what I needed.
What I would like you to do the next time this inner negative voice comes up is:
Realise what it is telling you. Ask yourself would you ever tell that to a close one. That harshly? That way?
What could you tell yourself or you can think of a friend. What would you tell you friend in that situation. And tell to yourself instead of the harsh voice coming up.
I am working on this on a daily basis. It is constant work. Some days are easier then others.
Do not give it. You are worth it. What you have to share with the world is valuable. So be kind to yourself. Your mind and body will thank you for it.
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