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Title: Better Sight Without Glasses
Author: Harry Benjamin
Date started & finished: 2019 APR 11 to 18
Notes written on: 2019 April 22
Why I choose this book:
It was one of the books I found in my grandfather bookshelves. The title in itself is intriguing.
Book theme/ message:
Straight from the title, how to achieve better sight without glasses.
The book refers from a previous author Dr W.H. Bates. This book was first published in 1929 and the Bates book was published even earlier.
Personal connection: How does the book relate to me to me or my experiences?
Including my highlights passages and or quote.
Wearing glasses relates to most people on their life’s journey, So I figured if there is a way where I can maintain a great eyesight longer, why not give it a go. The method are 100% natural and easily incorporated into you daily routine.
And guess what? food has a lot to do with it too! The eye are an organ part of your body and your body is nourished by what you feed it. This is a common theme that keeps coming up.
The book starts by explaining how the eyes work. Then follows by explaining why glasses are harmful. He moves on to the causes of defective visions. And then to the treatments. Followed by the exercises for relaxation and vision. Plus eye muscles and neck exercises. With a section on diet. The author then explains the difference between defective vision and eye diseases. And covers the causes and treatment.
My thoughts:
Even should you not agreed with this, what is the worst that can happen when you try something like this.
Authors note on dieting – We as Homo Sapiens Sapiens use to eat because we needed to eat. Some of us are lucky enough not to worry about where are next meal is going to come from, from a survival perspective. (not where or what I am going to eat because there is too much choice).
This made me think about the amount of times that I eat per day. And am I hungry when I sit down for a meal or do I eat because everyone else is eating? I found a system that works for me, I like to eat, and tend to have big meals. Thus I aim to eat 2 meals a days. I am flexible about the hours. And sometimes is does not work and that is ok. I am learning and adapting. The main thing is that I am listening to what my body tells me. Hungry or not?
Coming back to the eye, I am doing the exercises, the results might only be present in the long term. That is how progress is made, consistent little steps over long periods of time.
What impact or impression has this book made on me?
Diet is important for your whole body. Healthy life, mind, moods, eyes, all of it.
And to question more and more why things are a certain way. We have western medicine which is great. There is also years and years of knowledge that we have stop to use. That knowledge helps us to know why something is happening. And instead of removing a symptoms, to deal with the root cause and make the issue go away for good.
e.g.: defective vision – due to tight eye muscles and other, fix the tired body and muscles to improve vision. instead of putting a pair of glasses over it and not dealing with the issue. (I am aware that there are cases where nothing to do and then glasses work great. But should there be something possible then why not do it)
How can I use this?
Add the exercises into my daily routine so that it becomes a habits.
Why must I use this?
To be able to see without glasses as long as possible is something that appeals to me .
When will I use this?
My recommendation of this book
Better sight without glasses is great to keep an open mind and to know the options. There is no push to use it, but at least you know you have options. Should you have glasses, why not give this a try. You might see better without it.
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