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Title: Game of Thrones use métaphysique des meurtres (in French)
Author: Marianne Chaillan
Date started & finished: Jan 2019, finished within 1 week
Notes written on: 3 April 2019
Why I choose this book:
I was a gift to me
Book theme/ message:
The metaphysics of the murders in Game of Thrones – meaning the rational research behind the murders.
Personal connection: How does the book relate to me to me or my experiences?
Including my highlights passages and or quote.
I was a late joiner to the “clan” of game of thrones. I only follow the series so far and love them. It’s one of the only series where I find myself either loving or hating characters as much.
I was a little sceptic of the book at first, and the more I read it the more I enjoyed it.
The book talks through the reason behind the murders from a philosophical point of view. I find humans fascinating, and their reason for acting as well. So viewing Game of Thrones through a philosophical point of view was brilliant.
This book is not translated in English yet. It talks about the murders up until season 5.
A few notes:
Games of Thrones books where inspired by murders that happened in our human history.
It talks about moral values, between moral dilemmas that contradict one another.
deontological ethics vs consequentialist ethics
Deontological – a system in which morality is determined by duty or law.
Consequentialist – an action is good or bad depending on its outcome. Best captured by the aphorism “the ends justify the means”
Thought exercise given in the book. (NOTE: I have translated those from french)
Imagine yourself at the place of the train driver: 
A man is driving a train on which the brakes have given up. The train is heading fast towards 5 people. But the driver can deviate the train towards a track where he will only run over 1 person. Is it morally acceptable for the driver to deviate the train towards the single person?
Have a think, and articulation the reason behind your choice whatever it may be.
Another situation:
A train is heading fast for 5 workers. A man is standing on a bridge over the train tracks, next to a very fat guy. Should he push the fat guy off the bridge and onto the tracks. The fat guy will die but his body will stop the train, which will save the workers.
Are these 2 scenarii for you moral the equivalent? or do you see a difference?
This is the type of philosophy that the book goes through.
It also talks about diverse topics such as:
-dualist believe in body & spirit versus materialist believe in only the body
-are we free or is our path already written for us?
-Does God exists?
-Is is better the prefer the illusion that alleviates or the truth that hurst?
-is the world cruel? human nature, laws, …
-The rules of the game according to Machiavelli – Should a king be loved or feared? Generous or selfish?
-the problems with politics
If you can read french and fancy to think a bit I recommend this book. Philosophy lessons within a TV series. Brilliant!
What impact or impression has this book made on me?
I am looking forward to seeing the 8th and finale season
How can I use this?
This was more an enjoyment book than anything else so these 3 questions apply less to this book
Why must I use this?
When will I use this?
My recommendation of this book:

A fun and easy read. I learn how to relate the philosophy to GOT. And I enjoyed seeing a different side to this epic series.

I am curious to know if you have thought about this when watching game of thrones
Winter is here…
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