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Title: You are a Badass
Author: Jen Sincero
Date started & finished: June 2019 read within a few days
Notes written on: 2 Feb 2019
Why I choose this book:
It was a gift.
Book theme/ message:
The subtitle of the book:
How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life
Personal connection: How does the book relate to me to me or my experiences?
Including my highlights passages and or quote.
Since 3 years ago I have been working on myself. We all deserve to take care of us. A lot of items in the book I use daily. I have imprinted it into my subconscious. When I ask myself a question of doubt I have this voice now saying, of course you can do it. The negative self talk has been taken over by a wonderful supporting voice.
Chapter 6: Love the one you is
1-Appreciate how special you are
2-Drown yourself in affirmations
3-Do things you love
4-Find a replacement (for what you tell yourself, think positive)
5-Ditch the self-depreciating humour
6-Let the love in
7-Don’t compare yourself to others
8-Forgive yourself (listen up! This one’s extremely important.)
9-Love yourself
The moment you have the audacity to start believing in the not-yet seen, your reality will begin to shift.
THE FOLLOWING IS HUGELY IMPORTANT SO PLEASE PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION: You have change you thinking first, and then the evidence appears. Our big mistake is that we do it the other way around. We demand to see the evidence before we believe it to be true.
“Why am I freaking out over something that I have no proof is even true?”
First rule of wealth consciousness: come from a place of abundance, not lack
What impact or impression has this book made on me?
Be a BADASS always! no excuses, embrace it
How can I use this?
I can use it to increase the income of money, looking at it from a place of abundance
Why must I use this?
To increase the money income so that I may be even more flexible with my lifestyle
When will I use this?
Every time I think I can pay for it, to change the mindset to How can I afford it?
My recommendation of this book: [low 1 … 10 high]
Enjoyment: 10
Learning: 10
Easy to read: 10

Why: Quick simple and fun to read. Straight to the point no bullshit. A great to book to give you a boost and get on it!


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