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Happy Home Happy Mind
This is something I say often as per regards to my work. Over my life span so far I have lived in 22 different homes. Since the age of 9 years old, I have been conscience of making my room reflect me. So that I have a space to feel free, comfortable in.
My room turned into my flat. It was always the priority. The process of settling in takes me about one week now. In fact it has become a joyful time, where I figure out how to put together my new puzzle (my home).
Whenever I have people come and visit shortly after, they are surprised to know the short amount of time I have been in the space for.
This process is what I want to give to you. You too should have a living space that reflects who you are. Regardless wether you have been in there for a long time or recently moved in.
My experience and skills grew over the years. And the number of people who tell me that there is something missing in their home is too big. Hence I decided to gather all that I know and create a service that others can apply. And can have a little cocoon of their own.
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