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I have been fighting / pursuing a life on my terms. I lost my way along the journey. This strengthened my character. I see things that happen in life as that : things. I do my best not the label them as good or bad. They just are. I can choose what I make of them. I am better for it. And I avoid lingering on them, as this would hold me back.
Thus throughout my life I have always had a constant happiness. Ask anyone who knows me, it will come up over and over that I am a positive person. That I am rarely seen wallowing around in sad emotions. I use the word happy a lot. And I have this things for trying to find ways to make others happy. A stubborn persistence.
With all this said I do not search for happiness. Happiness is a byproduct of enjoying one’s life. The aim is to do things that make you feel good. What ever that may be. It might be to do things that make you feel useful ; to take time for yourself and recharge; to learn something new; to teach someone something you have learned; to spend time with a particular person ; and so on …

A life is made out of days, days are made out of hours and minutes. Start by removing something that does not make you feel good from your day. You can also add something that makes you feel good. And do it for yourself.