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Title: The life-changing manga of tidying up
Author: Marie Kondo
Date started & finished: 2018 AUG 27 to 2018 AUG 30
notes written on: 2019 JAN 22
Why I choose this book:
I first heard about Marie Kondo through the Tim Ferriss Podcast. (The podcast is one I recommend for the curious minds. There is loads to learn every time a new episodes comes out)
In the summer 2017 I listen to the audio book and did a first major clean up (removed 10 large Ikea bags from my flat). I saw that there would be a manga version (Japanese comic books style) coming out. This is it. Same message in a comic book. Works for the people who do not like to read much.
Book theme/ message:
Using the tidying process helps you enjoy your home more. And how it can also do so much more.
Personal connection: How does the book relate to me to me or my experiences?
Including my highlights passages and or quote.
Living in Hong Kong, you have a small space to create a home. That is not a problem. What happens is that I accumulate a lot of things. Even being great with puzzles and finding a place for everything. It was too much and a lot of my things I did not use.
The idea is to tidying by keeping things that bring you joy. You do not focus on what you are throwing/ removing from your home. You focus on what you want to keep.
The joy criteria is the feeling you have from an item that makes you feel great. It can be a piece of clothing that you feel amazing in, or fits you right. Or a book that bring a smile to you face.
Then you remove everything from your home
Then you organise by categories. Keep all items in 1 category together.
This is not minimalism, it depends on you. Should very little items make you happy you might end up having a minimalist home. Most of the time you end up with a home that brings you joy everywhere.
What impact or impression has this book made on me?
I have removed a lot of items from my home and hence use the items I have left a lot more. I have a greater appreciation for the items that I have. And my wardrobe has slimed downed. Therefore it is easier to pick what to wear and I find creative ways to wear the same item of clothing in many ways.
How can I use this?
I make sure to only keep items that bring me joy. And should have receive gifts that do not bring me joy I have no problem to give them away.
Why must I use this?
I am happier with the remaining items in my home.
When will I use this?
Every day when I choose to buy new things, or bring new things into my home. Also I go through my home to see if some items do not bring me joy anymore.
My recommendation of this book: [low 1 … 10 high]
Enjoyment: 10
Learning: 10
Easy to read: 10
Why: it is simple, short and has the potential to change your life. You do not know until you try it.
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