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This is a tool that high achievers use. From the sports industry, to business and personal:
And the great thing about this is that there is no down side to this. Plus anyone with a brain can do it!
It is done in different ways. For sports, athletes might close their eyes and visualise the match/game or the race. For more technical sports they would go through the steps to be taken. In business it might be the goal they want to achieve, seeing the results happen. And for personal it might be a feeling, a moment you go through.
This works for your living space too.
Not just what your living space looks like.
Also how you want to use it and how you want to feel in it.
The look of it is the result. A space might look nice, but if it does not feel good, you will not feel good either.
The aim of this visualisation is for you to have a clearer idea of what you want. If you only know what you do not what, try to figure out how to transform what you do not want into what you would want.
Focus your attention on the item you want to have. (if you think I do not want … you are still thinking of …)
A simple exercise you can start with.
Close your eyes and think about what do you want to be doing in your ideal home. How do you want to feel like in it?
And then mark it down somewhere.
Even you do NOT believe in this type of process. Give it a try. Worst case scenario you spent 5 minutes thinking about your home.
Best case scenario you end up transforming a home to reflect who you are and feel amazing in it.
Happy visualising!